Visualizing data

Are there things that Silk cannot display?Visualizing data6Silk can only use the data that it understands.
This is the case when the data appears on the right column of a given page. 
Can I add more facts to an overview?Visualizing data2Yes, click 'add a tag' and type 'Capital' or 'Head of State' to add these facts to your overview. 
Can I change the type of visualization?Visualizing data4Sure! Click the icons to switch between different kinds of visualizations.
Not every kind of data plays well with every type. You can't place numbers on a map for example.
More kinds of visualizations are on their way! 
Can I change visualizations in a Silk site?Visualizing data7Yes, hover your mouse over a visualization on a page (such as a table or a graph)
and click 'Open widget in Silk explorer'. NB: this won't change the original visualization. 
How do I add information of related pages?Visualizing data3If a Country has a link to its Head of State, you can add facts about the Head of State to your overview.
First find the 'Head of State' tag, then click the arrow next to it (or press →) to display its facts. 
How do I create tables, graphs and such?Visualizing data1To create an overview of countries, simply type 'Country' in the navigation bar.
Next, click 'Explore table of Country pages'. 
How do I narrow down my results?Visualizing data5First, add a tag such as 'Land area'. Click refine and choose a certain type of filter, such as 'Between'.
Finally, enter the value you want to use as a filter, such as '1 thousand'. 
I made it to the end of this. Now what?Visualizing data8 Time to start using Silk! Select the site of your choice from the welcome screen.Welcome screen