Each Silk site has one or more users. If you have a Silk site, you can view the current users, and invite/remove users from the Manage your site screen. 

User types

Silk has three different types of users: viewers, editors and admins. 


Admin users have full permissions. They can view and edit every page, change site settings, edit user permissions and invite new users


Editors can view and edit every page, but cannot change any site or user settings.  


Viewers can only view content. It only makes sense to add viewer users to a private site, since a public site is viewable for everyone anyway. 


Silk currently does not work with API keys (yet). The API for a public site is available to everyone. To use the writing part of our API, you can authenticate with a user with editor (or admin) rights. If your site is private, you need to authenticate with a viewer, editor, or admin user to access the reading part of the API.