The new Silk blog runs on Silk

Sander Koppelaar 18 April 2012 22:00:00 GMT 201204182200


The day we founded this company, we started blogging. We set up a Wordpress blog and started discussing a variety of technical topics. The blog has been popular amongst developers of the main programming languages we use (Haskell and Javascript), but is way too technical for the typical Silk user. Therefore, we're splitting up our blog into the general Silk blog and the Engineering blog as from today. If you want to subscribe, use the general blog RSS, or the engineering blog RSS

More exciting news is that we're changing the technical platform we run our blog on. From Wordpress to Silk. While Silk is no blogging platform, Silk is a platform for structured content. And when you think about it, the content on a blog is definitely structured, so it fits the bill. We believe in eating our own dog food, so the only logical thing to do is to run our blog on Silk from now on. 

You're looking at the new Silk blog right now, and we'd love to hear your feedback. Please leave a comment below. Alternatively, you can read the following tutorial to learn more about how we used Silk to run this blog

PS. This change will cause our current RSS subscribers to instantly receive duplicates for the last 8 posts in their feed reader. We couldn't avoid this. Sorry!

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