Ten reasons to love Silk

1. Add value to your content

Silk is a platform for structured information. In Silk, adding structure to content is as easy as writing it. This structure can be searched, aggregated and visualized, making it a breeze to find information.

Everyone can make a Silk site and start adding pages with text, images and links. Facts in your text can be tagged. The magic of Silk is that we make a complete data structure based on your tags. This structure allows you to do powerful searches. Suddenly, your content has much more potential.

Go ahead, create, tag and visualize information.

2. Focus on content, save time

Writing and tagging can be done in one go because structuring information is as easy as making a word italic. Once your content is structured, you can find, combine and visualize it. You want to focus on your content, right? You do not want to waste your time on IT, databases and developing interfaces and search options. With Silk, you will be creating content in less than a minute.

3. Visualize information

The power to visualize your information is at your fingertips now. Seeing is believing, right?

Example: Intranet
This first example features a company that uses Silk as their intranet. Remember, all this information comes from pages on Silk (about projects, persons, offices) where key pieces of information are tagged.

Example: Countries of the world
The second example is a Silk site about the countries of the world and all its characteristics.

4. Easy to use

Silk is easy to use, yet extremely powerful. To be used by people like you and me with a lightness, flow and occasional amazement. We are constantly working to make this even better.

5. Collaborate on content

Silk is designed to let multiple people work on your site. You can invite and manage editors for your Silk site. Moreover, versions are kept of each edit, so auditing is easy.

6. Search instantly

Silk lets you instantly search and refine. We designed the top search bar to search and browse all the key pieces of information (tags) in your site. It is incredible how efficient this works.

An example, search for population in countries/cities that begin with ja...

Another example, quickly see al the information about a project

7. Silk can be customized

You can run Silk on your domain, just adjust your DNS settings and you are done. Moreover, your site can be styled any way you like it. You can have your own CSS to determine background, colors and fonts to match your style. Custom styling and Silk on your own domain are paid options. Contact us for more information.

8. Silk does not require technical knowledge

Silk is made to be accessible and easy to use. You do not require any technical knowledge to make use of Silk. Setting up a site, creating/tagging content and visualizing information are easy to do. All you need is a browser.

9. Silk has an API

Although you do not need to have any technical knowledge, we have something for you engineers! A full read and write API which gives you the power of Silk outside Silk. Documentation and example code will be available soon, request early access.

10. We do this with passion

We have built Silk with passion. Our mission is to bring information to its full potential.

It is remarkable that the basic act of writing has not been changed for the past 3000 years. With the explosion of content on the Web, we believe creation of information should be fundamentally improved. It needs meaning, context and structure. We provide this to people and we work every day to help people get the best out of their information.

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