Spread your wings: set your Silk site free

Sander Koppelaar 25 Jan 2012 09:00:00 GMT 201201250900

Silk blog

Some of you already have early access to Silk. We are excited to see the first Silk sites being created and we are working hard to make Silk even beter. I am happy to tell you about some of our recent improvements.

1. Make your site public

Show your hard work to the world by making your site public. Under your personal menu, go to 'browse your sites', click 'manage', and change private to public. Now everyone can view your site. Easy as that. 

2. Collaborate with others

It is now easy to invite additional editors to your public or private Silk site. If you'd like to keep your Site private, but would like share it with some people, you can invite them as a viewer. This can be found under 'manage your site' as well. 

3. Image drag and drop

Not everyone knows that Silk supports dragging and dropping images. Just drag any image file from your computer and drop it into a Silk page you are editing to add some visual beauty to your site.  

4. Help videos

We added some help videos to make it easier to start using Silk. The videos cannot be seen by your site visitors, so they won’t be distracted. We will keep adding new videos, so please let us know what's unclear to you.

What's coming?

We are dedicated to learning from our early users and are working around the clock to make Silk prettier and easier to use. We are very happy that Laszlito Kovacs joined the team this month as a fulltime designer and that Jeffry van der Goot joined as an interaction engineer. Lots of good things coming. Stay tuned!

Silk blog