Pie chart widget


The pie chart is a widget that shows a distribution of values and looks as follows:

Create a pie chart

When editing a document, place your cursor where you want the pie chart to appear. Click "Insert widget" in the top menu. Choose "Pie Chart". 

Adding tags

In the dialog on the right, select the page category and at least one tag that you would like to use for this chart. The page category determines what data will be used for this chart. The tag is the distribution that we want to visualize in our pie chart. The chart will count the number of occurrences per unique value and show how much percent of the total this is. 

In the above example we have chosen the "Post" page category, and added the "Author" tag as well. Silk counts the number of occurrences for each author and display how many percent of the total blog posts they wrote. 


If you added multiple tags to your overview, use the options menu to select which value(s) you want to display in the chart. 

More about widgets

There are many more widgets available, and you can do more with widgets, such as filtering or sorting information. To learn more, read our inserting widgets tutorial.