Launch of the first public Silk site: The Next Web Index

Sander Koppelaar 29 Nov 2011 09:00:00 GMT 201111290900

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Today the first publicly available Silk site has launched: The Next Web Index!

The Next Web Index is a technology companies database that runs on the Silk platform. The content has been created by The Next Web and is partially based on data from Wikipedia and TechCrunch’s CrunchBase. It contains profiles for over 73,000 companies, 88,000 persons and 6,000 related organizations. Think companies like GrouponNetflix and Tumblr, persons such as Steve BallmerElon Musk and Jerry Yang, related organizations such as Atomico and Y Combinator, and products such as Google TV.

The Next Web Index is a powerful resource for finding information about technology companies. Silk’s added value becomes particularly clear as you enter explore mode, which lets you search, sort and view the information in a breeze. Use the controls on the left to find the information you’re looking for. Generate sophisticated overviews such as CEOs under 30 who have raised over $1 Million in early funding rounds.

The Index is still work in progress. The editors from The Next Web are updating the content continuously, but as of today it’s out there to be enjoyed by everyone. The pages contain feedback links and all contributions are greatly appreciated by the TNW team.

This is a great day for us here at Silk. Finally everyone can see what we’ve been working on the past two years. The next step is the launch of the Silk editor, which lets everyone create Silk sites like The Next Web Index.

If you didn’t request an invite yet, make sure to request it on our homepage.

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