Intro board widget


The intro board is a widget that looks as follows:

Create an intro board

When editing a document, place your cursor where you want the intro board to appear. Click "Insert widget" in the top menu. Choose "Intro Board". 

Adding tags

In the dialog on the right, select the page category that you would like to be displayed in the  intro board. Next, add exactly three tags. The page category determines the title. The first tag determines the first subtitle, the second tag determines the second subtitle. The third tag should be an image and will be used as the background for each tile. 

In the above example we have chosen the "Person" page category and the following tags: Position, Holiday destination, and Picture


We are aware that the configuration of this widget is suboptimal. This will be fixed at some point. 

More about widgets

There are many more widgets available, and you can do more with widgets, such as filtering or sorting information. To learn more, read our inserting widgets tutorial.