How to create a vocabulary


We received a question on how to create a vocabulary, or dictionary, in Silk. In this case it is a vocabulary between English and a "space language" called aUI (Wikipedia entry here).

Step 1: enter definitions

First, create a page for each definition. Create a new page. Let the page name be the word you are providing a definition for. The page category could be something like "Definition", "Word" or "Term". 

On each page enter the meaning of this word in the other language, and tag it with the name of that language. You could enter more descriptive information, such as an explanation, and tag this accordingly. 

Step 2: create an overview

Next, create an overview page. For example on your homepage. Insert a table widget, select the right page category (in this case "Definition"), add the right tags to the overview, and save your page. 


We recorded this very example in a video, which can be found here