How do I import a CSV file?


Have a CSV file with data you're eager to get into Silk? Great, we now have a simple import tool for this. The CSV importer takes your CSV file and turns each row into a Silk page.

Using the importer

  1. Go to your home page. 
  2. Choose for the "Import CSV file" option (this is only visible when you are on a site for which you have edit rights)
  3. Drag a file from your computer and drop it into the dedicated area on the importer
  4. Choose a page category for the pages that will be created
  5. Click "Create pages"

Preparing your CSV file

  1. The first row of the file contains your headers, so think about the names you enter here. 
  2. Make sure there is exactly one cell in the first row that says "Name". This column contains the names of the pages that will be created. Otherwise the first column will be used.
  3. All the other rows contain the values that will be inserted into the created pages. The first row determines what they will be tagged as.
  4. Make sure the values in the "Name" column are unique.

Good to know

When your CSV file contains locations, it can take a while for them to show up on a map in Silk. Some background: when your information is uploaded to Silk, all information is checked whether it is a location. If a location is found it is geocoded (lat/long coordinates are attached to it). This process is quick for a few tags, but can longer for large amounts of tags.

Known restrictions

  1. The following symbols may confuse our importer, so please avoid them:

          ' and " and ,