Explore mode


The contents of a Silk site can be displayed in tableslistsmaps and other visualization types. Creators of a Silk site can insert these visualizations on any page as a widget. Visitors of a Silk site can create these overviews themselves by going to explore mode. 


Explore mode will only be available if you have created at least one page with a page category. To make the most of explore mode, you should have applied some tags as well. 

Opening explore mode

There are various ways to enter explore mode:

  1. Go to the search bar. Enter a page category or click any of the Explore suggestions. 
  2. Hover over a tag in the sidebar and click the Explore link that appears. 
  3. Hover over a widget and click the Explore widget in Silk explorer link that appears. This won't be visible when you are editing a document. 


In explore mode you will see the configuration on the left and the visualization on the right. When you enter explore mode, a visualization is already loaded, so you will see a table, chart or map on the right. 

Configuration panel

Page category

The top part of the configuration panel lets you select one or more page categories to include in this visualization. 

Visualization type

The row with icons allows you to switch between different visualization types. At the moment, explore mode allows you to generate tables, pie charts, bar charts, line charts and maps


Most visualizations have specific options. Unfold the options menu to display them. Click the visualizations in the previous paragraph to read more about specific options for that specific component. 


This overview shows what page category you have selected and what tags have been added to the overview. 

Add tags to the overview to display them in the visualization or to use them for sorting and filtering. Add a tag by clicking "Display a tag" and selecting the tag of your choice. Note that you can add tags of the selected page category, but also from 'deeper' pages. 

Remove tags by clicking the X next to the tag name in the overview. 

Sort the overview by clicking "Sort By" next to a tag name. You will see an arrow appear. Click this arrow to change the order in which the overview is ordered. 

Filter the overview by clicking "Refine" below the tag name. Based on the type of the tag, you will see different options appear. Labels such as Between, Equals and Contains can be clicked to select a different matching type. By clicking Refine, the visualization will only include pages that contain this tag. To remove the filter, close the filter box using the small X. 

URLs are unique

When you are looking at a certain view that view has a unique URL. When you change something, such as the sorting, the URL will change as well. This makes it easy to share any view you are looking at.