How do I create a new page?Editor1

Clicking the "New Page" button in the top bar will open the "Create new page" dialogue.
Alternatively, you can simply start typing your desired page name into the search bar.

Watch a video that explains this
What is a page category?Editor2

A page category defines what kind of content this page describes. By tagging various pages as 'Person', you can later easily generate an overview of all persons in your site. 

We advise using short and familiar words that are easy to recognize, such as Person, Country, Event and Recipe.

How do I tag my content?Editor3Select the text you want to tag. Next, enter the tag name in the input field in the menu.
Alternatively, you can click any of the suggestions (the words in green).
Finally, you can select the text and press ctrl+shift+space on Windows/Linux or cmd+shift+space on Mac. 
How do I create a link?Editor4Simply select the text you want to link, and then click the Create Link icon in the menu.
The keyboard shortcut for this is ctrl+K on Windows/Linux and cmd+K on Mac. 
How do I insert an image?Editor5 You can insert an image by dragging it from your computer directly into the browser window. Make sure you are in editing mode
Can I align images?Editor6 Yes! Align images by using alt+click on Windows/Linux (or option+click on Mac) on the image when you are in edit mode.This will toggle the alignment between normal, left, and right. 
How do I delete a page?EditorAt the page you want to delete, click the pencil next to the name in the Edit bar