What is an API?

API means Application Programming Interface. It is a way for software applications to communicate with each other and exchange information. A programmer can use the Silk API to read information from any public Silk site and display this information in other places, such as a website or a mobile application. This way, the information in a Silk site can be reused in other places. 

The Silk API

Our API is very extensive and has both read and write access. Our web client has been built on top of the API, which basically means that the API allows you to do anything the web client enables you to do. Actually, the API will let you do even more. 

Some examples of what you can do with the API are: 

  • Retrieving the contents of specific pages
  • Creating new pages, editing and deleting them
  • Creating and deleting tags
  • Running queries to retrieve specific information or documents

Privately released

The API has been released, but isn't publicly available yet. We do welcome everyone who wants to use it, so please be in touch if you're interested. We'll gladly send you the documentation and examples to get started!  

Documentation and libraries

We automatically generate documentation for each version of our API. We also generate libraries for some common programming languages, such as JavaScript. Let us know if you need access to these materials.